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Thai Isaan Adventure | Affiliate Program

Are you a travel blogger? You have a website on the theme of Thailand or travel ?

And you want to monetize your site?

Thai Isaan Adventure will provide you with tracking links that you can share on your own websites, social networks, ads…

What is an affiliate link?

This is the link that will allow us to prove that a user comes from your site, to then pay you rightly!

Once your account is created, you will have an identifier, example “www.thai-isaan-adventure.com/id=petertravel”, to add all your affiliate links.

How do I make money?

Insert your affiliate link into one of your content on the discovery of Northeastern Thailand.

When one of your readers / followers, click on the affiliate link, and book a tour on the website of Thai Isaan Adventure.

The transaction credits a 7% commission on your profile. An interface allows to establish a relationship of trust & guarantees.

Tracking Links

Thai Isaan Adventure will provide you with tracking links so as to know when your referrals have made a purchase. It has a 30 days cookies duration.

Lifetime Commissions

An affiliate earn commissions from all future purchases that will be made by your customers / visitors.

Guest Blogging

If you are a blogger or freelancer, you can benefit as well from our Affiliate Program. “What to do in Isaan? Northeastern Thailand, traveling outside the tourist circuits? Top 5 unusual excursions to do in Isaan…”


You can insert banners within your site, either in the header, in one of your widgets, or in your content. Banner with affiliate link.

Payment ?

PayPal payments from 150 €

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