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Avis Linda Hess

3 days to meet authentic Thailand. What to say? it was perfect. Jean François transports us to his world and we want to know more about Isaan. I recommend Thai Isaan adventure for a real human adventure in Thailand.

Linda Hess
Olivier Balland

The people composing the staff are of a kindness to any test. We know Thailand only by its big metropolises and tourist sites there it is the discovery of the TRUE Thailand … its sublime landscapes, its always welcoming people and a great kindness of soul

Olivier Balland
Avis Jenn Yzbe

A great stay with Jeff in Issan! He made us discover beautiful places! He knows the whole region and adapts easily according to the needs. Thank you for this week

Jenn Yzbe
Avis Jean-Baptiste Erceau

Thank you for the excellent support of my family to visit places, temples and activities, before and after my wedding. Everyone was delighted

Jean-Baptiste Erceau
Avis Patrick Pigeard

It’s been 5 years since we visited Thailand and its bordering countries, and it is always with joy that we return to Issan far from tourism massive. Really to do without hesitation!

Patrick Pigeard
Avis Aurelie Glemarec

Thank you Jean François for this perfect week! I loved it more than it was great from start to finish. Thank you for letting me know the issan it’s just a beautiful area full of treasure thanks again for everything.

Aurelie Glemarec
Avis Jean-Yves Erceau

Great people who live in a beautiful country. What to admire !!

Jean-Yves Erceau


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